Hello, my name is Dave Cayem.
I drive user behavior that creates revenue.

Customer Success

User Engagement

Operations & Process

I help startups and SMBs convert their user success and customer service operations from cost centers to revenue centers.

My background is in customer success/support and operations with a focus on creating a user experience that drives business goals. I lead motivated, productive teams that optimize engagement and provide great customer service. Earlier in my career, I was focused on online community management (you can find my old community management blog here).

Turns out, community management and customer success have a lot in common. Both disciplines require a focus on effective communication, and both are aimed at helping the user get the most out of the platform or service being used. I have a journalism degree from Boston University, and started my professional life as a radio news reporter and anchor.

I'm a Boston-area native and still live here

I'm a proud graduate of Boston University and Brookline High School. Go Sox!

I'm pretty handy with these tools.

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